Welcome to the HARINEZUMI CAFE!! HARINEZUMI CAFE is the first cafe in Thailand to enjoy with hedgehog. We reproduced popular cafe in Japan. Good tasty coffee made with specialized machines. Handmade waffles and cakes. Hedgehog merchandises sold only in Japan!! Very cute hedgehogs are waiting for your visit!!



◎ Set Menu

[Set 1] Enjoy with a Hedgehog (or Guinea pig) + Drinks 160B  [Set 2] Enjoy with a Hedgehog (or Guinea pig) + Cake + Drinks 240B  [Set 3] Enjoy with a Hedgehog (or Guinea pig) + Waffle + Drinkst×2 299B

◎ Drinks

[Coffee] : Espresso 45B~ Espresso Logo 45B~ Americano 45B~ Cappuccino 45B~ Mocha 45B~ Caffe Latte 45B~ Cocoa 45B

[Tea] : Thai Tea 45B~ Green Tea 45B~ Matcha Latte 50B~ Lemon Tea 60B

[Italian Soda & Smoothie] : Strawberry 50B~ Kiwi 50B~ Banana 50B~ Mango 50B~ Blueberry 50B~ Orange 50B

◎ Dessert

[Waffle & Cake] : Waffle 89B~129B Cake 85B~100B

※ Animals up to 1 hour

Hedgehog goods